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Not enough money on the PC? On Steam came the computer build simulator

In the early access of Steam came the PC Building Simulator game of the Romanian developer named Claudio. If, against the backdrop of a shortage of video cards and expensive RAM, you postpone the assembly of a new PC until better times, then the Romanian game will allow you to dream and simulate this process.

The game provides a training mode for the basics of computer assembly, career and free mode, which allows you to assemble a computer from any of the top-end components. In other modes there is a limited budget, in which you need to invest.

To play in the computer simulator while it is possible only on the computer. About versions of the game for other platforms so far nothing is known.

Minimum system requirements of the game: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Athlon X4 740, 4 GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) or Radeon R9 285 (2048 MB)

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