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Missing slippers found inside an uninvited guest (5 photos)

An elderly resident of Australian Brisbane could not find the second slipper, which he habitually put under his bed before going to bed. The search led to the fact that an uninvited guest was found in the house, inside of which there were shoes of a man.

It was a python who was indiscriminate in food and swallowed slippers. The master of the house called the serpents, who caught the reptile and brought it to the vet.

For two days, they waited for the snake to spit out the prey, which is not digested in the stomach, and then decided to operate it.

Stuffed with gastric juice slippers pulled through a 20-centimeter cut.


And here is the left pair that did not go inside the python.

After the python recovers after the operation, it will be returned back to the wild.

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