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Kim Jong Un for the first time during his reign left the DPRK for the meeting with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping

The leader of the DPRK made a visit to China and held “successful negotiations” with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing. During the conversation, Kim Jong-un said that he wanted to personally congratulate Jinping on his re-election. This was reported by Xinhua, the official news agency of the Chinese government.

During the meeting, Kim Jong-un said that the DPRK was ready to conduct a dialogue with the US on the situation on the peninsula. According to him, the problem of denuclearization can be solved if South Korea and the United States react to North Korea’s efforts “with goodwill.” The leader of the DPRK noted that in fact the purpose of the visit was his desire to personally congratulate the Chinese leader on his re-election.

Kim Jong-un’s trip was “unofficial”: he was invited by Jinping himself, and at some meetings they were present with his wives. The leader of the DPRK was in Beijing from March 25 to 28 with his wife and after the talks immediately left back on the armored train.

According to Xinhua, the Chinese leader was impressed that Kim Jong-un sent him a congratulatory letter after re-election. Jinping noted that friendship between the countries is “unshakable” and expressed hope for the development of relations between the states in the near future.

The leader of China called on Kim Jong-un to develop the economy and improve the living standards of people in the DPRK. The New York Times noted that the head of North Korea had met with Jinping shortly before the international meetings with the United States and European countries.

The arrival of Kim Jong-un was classified. On March 26, the media paidattention to the green special train that arrived in Beijing from the DPRK, but the Chinese side denied the delegation’s presence. The journalists decided that this was Kim Jong-un, because the father and grandfather of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung used the same composition during their travels.

Special train of the North Korean delegation. Reuters photo
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