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“In Indiana Jones style”: prisoner escaped from the police and the closing door

Police in Porter County, Indiana, USA, published a video of the escape of 25-year-old Michael Maldonado, convicted of illegal use of syringes for hypodermic injections and police resistance.

The men were transported to the prison of Porter County by two policemen. After parking the car in a sally-port (a garage between a street and a prison), law enforcers moved away from him, which was what the prisoner used. He ran out of the car and was able to slip under the garage door, closing the door, leaving the policemen “trapped.”

Within two hours after the escape, the district police searched the area, but did not find the prisoner. In the evening, law enforcers received information that a stolen Ford Focus was found not far from the scene of the incident. It turned out that, despite the handcuffs, Maldonado stole the car and tried to hide. However, the next day, the Burns Harbor town police still found a man and took him into custody.

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