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Amazon is going for $ 1 billion to buy the rights to the books of the Chinese science fiction writer

China is not only an assembly shop around the world, but also a source of quality fiction. This in 2015 proved the novel of writer Liu Cixin, who won the “Hugo” award for the best fantasy novel of the year – “The Three-Body Challenge” from the “Memory of the Earth’s Past” trilogy. It was the rights to this series that Amazon set his sights on.

The company, according to financial Times sources , is going to adapt the trilogy to a three-season series for its Prime Video service. For the acquisition of rights, Americans are ready to dump $ 1 billion. Such a large franchise will allow Amazon to successfully compete with Netflix in the future.

The title of the book is a reference to the problem of celestial mechanics in calculating the gravitational interaction of three bodies. The novel starts in the era of the height of the Cultural Revolution in China. The Chinese government is engaged in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, when one of the scientists receives a response message with a request never again to communicate for the sake of the security of the Earth.

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