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The Golden Hands of Nelson Mandela will be sold for bitcoins

Today it became known that the exchange of crypto-currencies “Board of Arbitrade” buys golden artifacts for bitcoins – 3 hands of Nelson Mandela. The cost of this gold is 10 million US dollars in bitcoin.

Golden artifacts include a three-hand Mandela trio of life-size two palms and a fist. The total gold weight of the highest sample is 20 pounds. This artifact is sold by an entrepreneur from Canada Malcolm Duncan, who was personally acquainted with Nelson Mandela, he purchased these items in 2002 for 3.5 million South African rand.

Artifacts are a treasure for a number of reasons. A series of such values ​​was produced from 27 sets, each of which reflects a year when Mandela was in prison. Duncan owned several sets of hands. There is an opinion that the rest of the kits were destroyed after the release of Mandela at his request.

The purchase of gold hands is not yet fully paid, the buyer and seller have approved a schedule whereby the exchange will pay the owner $ 2 million a quarter.

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