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The American television channel broadcasted an hour and a half as the cat could not get off the post

On March 26, the ABC15 Arizona television station received a message that for a few days a cat named Gipsi has been on one of the electricity poles, which can not get down to the ground. The journalists went to the post and tuned the broadcast to Facebook, which made the animal popular in the US.

Stream lasted about an hour and a half. The cat’s actions were constantly commented on by the reporter: the animal was sitting quietly, trying to sleep, and in a few moments it was tangled in wires and practically fell from the platform. Ether ABC15 attracted the attention of more than 500 thousand people who were worried about the fate of Gypsy. Video on Facebook also collected about 20 thousand comments.One of the locals attached a bucket to a long stick and tried to lower the cat with this design. But she did not dare to get into the bucket.

In the middle of the broadcast, users decided to take the initiative in their own hands and started calling on the number 911, so that Gypsy rescued firefighters. As a result, the fire department of Phoenix had to ask journalists through journalists not to call them, because they are “aware of the situation” and because of constant reports they can skip other incidents.

At some point, instead of the ether there was a stub, because of what users were afraid that the cat broke and died. Later the stream returned, but Gypsy was not on the post. Channel ABC15 reported that it was saved by a local resident who brought a ladder. This completes the broadcast.

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