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Pornhub gave a premium subscription to residents of cities with ambiguous names. In Russia it is Guy in the Orenburg region

One of the largest porn sites, Pornhub, has given a premium subscription to residents of cities with ambiguous names like Pussy, Cocking or Dildo. Among the Russian settlements, residents of Guy settlement in the Orenburg region received free access.

An interactive map from Pornhub is available on a special website : throughout the entire territory of Russia, only Gaius has received a premium subscription. It is located 80 kilometers from Samara and, therefore, the authors attributed it to the Samara region. In fact, it is located in the Orenburg region.

Gai settlement on the map of premium subscriptions of Pornhub

As explained in Pornhub, they want to compensate residents of such cities “perennial mockeries and ridicule” with the help of a free subscription. They called on people to “be proud of their native place,” because the rest of the world is now “only envious.”

asked for a comment in Pornhub to find out how to be townspeople from Vagina , Khrenisha , Podmoy , Lobka and Souchkino .

In the original note, it was said that the city of Guy is located in the Samara region. In fact – in the Orenburg.

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