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Pedro Filho – a possible prototype of the hero of the series “Dexter” (3 photos)

Brazilian serial killer Pedro Rodriguez Filho, nicknamed Little Pedro the Assassin could well be the prototype of the popular series “Dexter”. From 1960 to 2003, at least 71 people became victims of this man, and practically all of them were criminals.

Even before his birth, Pedro suffered a skull trauma when his father hit a pregnant mother. His first murder he could commit at the age of 13, when, during a quarrel with his cousin, he nearly knocked him under the press. Soon he killed the vice mayor of Alfenas, who sacked his father. The guy moved to Sao Paulo, where he was engaged in looting, and also killed drug dealers. Here he began an affair with a girl, who after a while was killed by members of one of the gangs. Hungry for revenge, Pedro came to the wedding of the leader of the gang, where he killed 7 people and wounded another 16. By 18 years on his conscience, there were 10 murders.

Filho even killed his own father, who served a prison sentence for the murder of his wife, the mother of a young criminal. Arriving on a date to his father, he stabbed him with a knife, after which he cut out and ate part of his heart.

The police arrested 22 serial killers. He was put in an official car, where there was another prisoner, accused of rape. Pedro killed him, saying that he did not believe in fair justice. In total, while in prison, this guy killed 47 people.

He was sentenced to 128 years in prison, but in 2007 he managed to go free, finding some loopholes in Brazilian law.

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