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Heineken removed ads with the slogan “sometimes, lighter is better” because of accusations of racism

In the video the beer passes by the black clients to the white girl, and the phrase can be translated as “sometimes lighter, it means better.”

The brewing company Heineken removed ads with the slogan “sometimes, lighter is better” because of accusations of racism. The video was criticized by Twitter users, and rapper Chance the Rapper called it “terribly racist”.

In a 30-second clip, a bottle of low-calorie beer rides past the blacks straight to the white girl. The slogan “sometimes, lighter is better” can be translated as “sometimes easier, it means better”, but it can be “sometimes lighter, it means better”.


A frame from Heineken advertising
A frame from Heineken advertising

The company said that they “missed” with such advertising and had in mind that their beer is not as high-calorie as other varieties. The video was removed and removed from the ad units on TV.

One of the first Heineken ads was criticized by rapper Chance the Rapper, who called her “terribly racist”. He added that he does not call for boycotting the company, but “just pays attention.”

“It seems to me that some companies intentionally shoot racist advertisements to collect more views. And racism, and its imitation, will not help in advancing. But I want to say. The slogan “sometimes, lighter is better” in advertising Heineken is terribly racist ”
He was joined by other users.

“When I saw this advertisement, I immediately thought about the racist message, but no one tweeted about it. I do not think this is an accidental mistake. Looks quite deliberately ”

“This Heineken advertisement is absolutely racist. What idiots approve of this? Attack this person. And the advertising agency that did it together. No excuses for this. I saw this advertisement ”

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