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Experts named the five strongest armies of the world of the future

he American magazine The National Interest has prepared the top 5 strongest armies in the world, as it will be in 2030. To select them, the authors of the material asked a number of questions: do the military have free access to resources and new technologies, is there enough support from the authorities with simultaneous freedom of action, can the army “train” in real conditions?

As a result, the leaders of the list were India, France, Russia, the United States and China.

The Indian army, which is actively developing thanks to the armaments procured in European countries, Russia, the United States and Israel, needs access to more advanced technologies. France, in turn, will maintain its existing positions.

In Russia, whose army suffered because of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the situation has allegedly changed for the better in recent times, the amount of investment has increased. The opinion is expressed that the lack of technology, as well as the outdated draft system, may have a negative impact on Russian military power in the future.

The US Army was named the “gold standard” in the magazine.

In China, according to the authors of the material, the development of the army is supported by the country’s economic growth, by growing investments in military technology. However, here it is required to undertake efforts aimed at increasing the professionalism of servicemen. Among the “problems” it is mentioned that China does not participate in real military actions.

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