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Demand for video cards among miners will drop because of the new ASIC for Ethereum

Analyst company Susquehanna lowered to negative forecasts for a change in the value of shares of NVIDIA and AMD. And all because of the new specialized chip for mining company Bitmain, with which it will be possible to extract Ethereum crypto currency more efficiently. His shipments will begin in the second quarter of 2018.

Specialists Susquehanna flew to Asia last week, where they studied Bitmain ASIC for mining Ethereum. According to them, the company is already preparing a supply chain for shipment of its product to consumers.

Bitmain – one of the largest producers of “iron” for professional production of crypto-currency. He owns approximately 75% of the ASIC market for Bitcoin. In addition, Susquehanna specialists know at least three other companies that are developing “asiki” for the “ether” mining.

Deliveries of new Bitmain products will lead to a drop in sales of graphics accelerators. According to estimates of Susquehanna, 20% of AMD video cards were bought by “ether” miners, while NVIDIA had 10%. Losses in this segment will lead to a decrease in the price of AMD shares from $ 13 to $ 7.5, NVIDIA – from $ 215 to $ 200.

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