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Belarusians in social networks lure out details of bank cards

In Belarus, the number of crimes related to the hacking of accounts in social networks has increased. By taking control of accounts, attackers send messages to friends of the user with a request to borrow money. Funds offer to transfer to a bank card or to a phone number.

“There are cases when an attacker, acting in the same scheme, lures the requisites of her bank payment card (card number, validity period, CVV) from the victim, ” said Alexander Gritsuk, deputy head of the department for disclosing crimes in the sphere of high technologies.

Attackers tell stories about the allegedly expired validity of the card and the urgent need to receive urgent transfer. However, there may be other reasons. As a result, the victim is deprived of money.

An example of a “divorce” is given on the website of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee . Minchanka received a message from her friend’s social network account “VKontakte” with a request to transfer money to a bank card. She tried to transfer from her card to the card indicated by her friend, but she did not succeed, as she wrote to “her friend.” She asked to transfer the card details and assured that she herself would transfer the necessary amount. After that, the money from the card was stolen. Later, the Minsk woman learned that her friend’s account was hacked, and she corresponded with the fraudster.

Experts recommend not to rush to fulfill the requests of their friends, voicing this. It is better to contact them by phone or messenger and clarify whether or not you really need help. You can also ask an unexpected question. In addition, confidential information, including payment cards, is not recommended to be passed on to third parties at all.

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