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17-year-old cadet of the Ministry of Emergency Measures rescued three children from the burning shopping center “Winter Cherry” (2 photos)

The heroic deed of 17-year-old student of the Cadet Corps of the Ministry of Emergencies in Kemerovo Dmitry Polukhin became known, who, at the risk of his own life, led three children out of the burning shopping center “Winter Cherry”. During the fire, the guy watched the film in one of the cinema halls, suddenly a woman ran into the hall and said that in the building a fire and urgently needed to leave the premises. Dima went to the evacuation exit with the other spectators, on the third floor he noticed a woman who refused to go out, saying that she had three children upstairs. SOurce

The guy asked where exactly the children are, to which the woman could only point the direction with her hand. He ran in that direction, but because of the thick smoke he could not see anything. The shops were empty, but in one of them he heard a cry, went to the voice, the young man groped for the boy, and then found two more girls. All three of them he safely led out of the burning building, then passed it to his mother.

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