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USA, Canada and European countries announced the expulsion of more than a hundred Russian diplomats due to the poisoning of Skripal

The countries-allies of Great Britain announced their intention to send Russian diplomats in solidarity with the kingdom. The root cause of this decision was the poisoning of the Russian spy defector and agent of British intelligence Sergey Skripal.

According to TASS, the US will leave 60 Russian diplomats, Ukraine – 13, four – Canada , Poland , Germany and France , three – the Czech Republic and Lithuania, two – Denmark , Italy and the Netherlands , and one – Latvia , Estonia and Finland . According to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, the decision to expel Russian diplomats was supported by 14 EU member states.

Representatives of the administration of the US president added that the number of expelled diplomats will include 12 representatives of Russia in the United Nations, who in the past had ties to Russian intelligence. In addition, the US authorities will close the Russian consulate in Seattle.

RIA Novosti reported with reference to sources in the Russian Foreign Ministry that Moscow in the near future will “mirror” the decision of the United States and Europe.

On March 14, Great Britain announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomatic mission employees. Russia responded to this by expelling 23 British diplomats. In a week and a half, the EU ambassador left Russia .

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