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The US Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into the massive leakage of Facebook user data

The US Federal Trade Commission confirmed that it opened an official investigation into Facebook. The Office will check what measures the company took to protect the personal data of users. Earlier it turned out that the analytical firm Cambridge Analytica, bypassing the rules of the service, received personal data from 50 million Facebook users who allegedly used Donald Trump in the campaign.

The trade commission’s statement stated that it “takes very seriously the media reports that raise concerns about Facebook’s personal data protection methods.” According to the rules, the company had to warn users that their personal information could be transferred to a third party. Facebook can be fined $ 40,000 for each violation.

Representatives of the social network said that they are ready to answer all questions. According to Bloomberg, after the investigation began, the company’s shares fell by 6%.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the company knew about the leak as early as 2015 and demanded that Cambridge Analytica remove user data. According to Zuckerberg, they were not convinced that the information was destroyed, and this was their main mistake.

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