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The next product of the Boring Company Elon Musk will be cubes of Lego, made of tunnel stones

Entrepreneur Elon Musk said that the new branded product of his The Boring Company will be LEGO cubes in real-time, drilled out of tunnel stones.

“Soon there will be a new measure Boring Company. These are mating bricks as in LEGO in real scale, made of tunnel stones. They will allow you to create sculptures and buildings. They are suitable for seismic loads in California, therefore super-strong, but empty inside, like a wing from an airplane, but not so heavy “

According to Musk, from the cubes it will be possible to build stable buildings without the use of cement. The structures of the so-called “interlocking bricks” (interlocking bricks) can be assembled as a Lego constructor. Bricks of the company will be made of stones that the company will take away while drilling tunnels.

The first set of bricks will be dedicated to ancient Egyptian motifs: parts of the “designer” will be used for assembling the pyramids, sphinxes and temples

Musk did not tell how strong the details would be, but noted that they could not be ignited by the company’s ” unstoppable “.

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