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The “flatman” took off on a steam rocket and looked at the Earth

Last weekend Michael “Mad” Hughes finally made his “epochal” flight on the rocket “Flat Earth”. Kulibin managed to climb to an altitude of about 570 meters, after which it was necessary to open the main and spare parachutes. Nevertheless, the landing was tough, and the doctors had to examine Michael: his back ached with pain.

The epic with Michael’s flight lasted from last year. The federal authorities have forbidden him to launch a missile over the lands that are under their jurisdiction. So Michael decided to go away, to the Mojave Desert. But he invited journalists and videographers.

Hughes not only insisted that the Earth was flat, but was also going to prove it by sending himself into the sky above his own rocket. “Do I believe that the Earth is flat, like a frisbee? Yes I believe you. Do I know this for sure? No. That’s why I’m launching myself into space, “he said in one of the videos.
In the future, Mike wants to build a rocket, which in the air will pick up a balloon filled with gas. In the air, the rocket separates from it and can deliver Hughes to a height of 109 km. Apparently, Michael did not change his opinion of the flat Earth.

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