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The fire in the Kemerovo shopping center was extinguished: the death toll exceeded 50 people

Shopping center "Winter Cherry". Photo of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo Region
Shopping center “Winter Cherry”. Photo of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo Region

By the morning of March 26, the number of victims in a fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo has increased to 48 people, said Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Vladlen Aksyonov at the conference call. The source of “Interfax” spoke about more than 50 victims.

Firefighters could get to previously inaccessible premises on the third floor. Several bodies were found under the rubble. They are badly damaged, and until you can not determine the exact number, it can be about two or three people. In total, the number of victims will exceed fifty.

Source of Interfax

According to the head of the department of Vladimir Puchkov, there are 16 people missing. None of the victims of the fire has not yet been identified, he said.

According to the administration of Kuzbass, 12 injured in a fire remain in hospitals, two of them are in serious condition. Another 36 people were released for outpatient treatment.

By this point, the fire in the mall has been extinguished. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescuers completely examined the shopping center, but “continue work” about the spillage of the building. The first stage of the work is planned to be completed at 18:00.

In the criminal case of the fire, four people were detained and interrogated, the Investigative Committee reported . Among them, the tenant of the building where the epicenter of the fire arose, and the head of the management company that serviced the center. Presumably, among the detainees are the director of the shopping center Nadezhda Suddenok.

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