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The beautiful life of the owner of the shopping center “Winter Cherry” Denis Stengelov and his family (14 photos)

The Investigative Committee is going to question the Russian businessman Denis Stengelov and his partner, who own the “Winter Cherry” shopping center in Kemerovo, where a fire took place that killed 64 people. At the moment, Shtengelov and his family live in Australia, he is a billionaire billionaire and does not intend to return to his homeland. He himself states that the areas in the shopping center belonged to different owners, all of them actively rented out, and he himself knew nothing about the progress of the business. At the same time, the network began to appear pictures of the beautiful life of businessman Shtengelov and his relatives.

Denis Shtengelov with his son Ivan.

Ivan is fond of tennis and football, he often flies on a rented plane for matches.

Ivan studied at the elite school The Southport School.

He often goes snowboarding in an elite resort in the Alps.

So a young man spends his free time.


Ivan with Sami Khedira, a picture taken in 2014 on the match of Madrid “Real”.

Younger son Alex is also fond of tennis.

The elder sister of the billionaire Julia, who is the director of the Tennis and Golf Academy, built in Australia with the money of Stengelov.

The younger sister of Stengelov Oxana and her family. The woman lives in Tomsk, where she opened her own restaurant.

Stephen’s stepmother, who often visits grandchildren.

Renting a business jet for several thousand dollars is a common thing for family members of an entrepreneur.


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