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Released the release trailer Far Cry 5, critics are satisfied with the game

Tomorrow will be the release of one of the pillars of Ubisoft – the next chapter in the franchise Far Cry 5. In it, the protagonist will have to fight with religious fanatics in the backwater of the United States. On the eve of Ubisoft publishes a release trailer for the game, which introduces the most important antagonists – the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, the network has the first reviews on Far Cry 5. Her average score on Metacritic for 45 reviews so far is 81.

Game Informer has set one of the lowest ratings for the new Far Cry. The journalist noted a boring action, a beautiful but fresh presentation of the plot, the backbone of which we already met in previous Ubisoft games. He was disappointed by the predictability of the new part.

The author of the edition God is a Geek has exposed the game to a solid nine. He noted fantastic characters, freedom of action in the open world, beautiful locations and music.

Excellent locations were noted in Gamesradar. In the pluses they also recorded interesting and varied side quests. True, the main bad game appeared to the referee very dim.

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