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Netflix was suspended from participation in the Cannes Film Festival

Released Netflix paintings removed from the participation in the Cannes Film Festival because of the fact that the service releases them only online. The management of the festival requires that the participating films be released in a wide lease in France before appearing on the Internet. This was reported by The Hollywood Reporter with reference to the head of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremo.

According to Fremo, as early as 2018 only those films that went to the French market will be able to take part in the main festival competition. Netflix will only show their projects outside the competition, but they will not be able to compete for the highest award – the Golden Palm branch.

Last year, when we selected those two films [Okchu and The History of the Mairovic Family, I thought that I could persuade Netflix to release them in theaters. I was presumptuous, they refused. Employees of Netflix liked the red carpet and they would like to appear with other films [at the festival]. But they understand that their irreconcilable model now contradicts ours.

Thierry Fremo
director, producer, head of the Cannes Film Festival

In 2017, two scenes of the service took part in the Cannes Film Festival: “Ochcha” and “The History of the Myrovic Family” with Adam Sandler. During the premiere of the show, Ochchu was booed . The festival’s management was dissatisfied with the fact that both pictures did not go to theaters, despite the fact that talks were being negotiated with Netflix.

The company planned to release films in limited rentals shortly before the festival, but could not because of the restrictions of French law: it prohibits the rental of tapes after their release in online theaters. Head of service Reed Hastings after Cannes said that the scandal with the admission of the films Netflix only raised their popularity.

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