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In the UK, they will sell a postcard of Jack the Ripper (5 photos)

In the UK, in the county of Kent, found a postcard of the XIX century, written by a serial killer Jack the Ripper. The card was written 130 years ago before the last murder of the criminal, and her addressee was the police station.

In his message, the murderer scoffed at the law enforcers: “I want two girls, and you understand what I mean.” My knife is still sharp, I’m Jack the Ripper. ”

Shortly thereafter, Jack the Ripper killed a young prostitute Mary Kelly. The body of the girl he mutilated beyond recognition and dismembered.

130 years after this note was written, a certain Dorin Hall of Folkestone, Kent, decided to sell a valuable postcard. An elderly woman received a postcard from her deceased husband, who worked as a policeman and closed the case of Jack the Ripper.

At the moment, the authenticity of the postcard is set by experts. Bidding will be held on April 30, with a postcard can cause a huge interest in collectors from the United States, where they are already filming a film about this find.

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