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In the intro of the new season of “Silicon Valley”, the Facebook logo was replaced with Cyrillic script – it turned out to be GDDSBFFK

March 25 was the first series of the fifth season of the “Silicon Valley”. In the first seconds there was a classic screensaver with the logos of famous companies like Airbnb, YouTube, Uber and Twitter. But users of social networks noticed easter eggs: for a few seconds the Facebook logo changed to an inscription of GDDSBFFK.

Initially, on Twitter, they decided that it was an analog of the name of the social network in Russian, but quickly found out that the inscription did not make sense. According to journalists, this could be a reference to the interference of the “troll factory” and hackers in the presidential election with the help of Facebook or a scandal with a large-scale leakage of social network users.

The creators of the series did not begin to explain what exactly Easter eggs mean. In the series itself, there are no other references to scandals involving Facebook.

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