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“Hello, you could recognize me by memes”: “Harold hiding the pain” starred in a commercial for the football club

March 23 at the site Dugouts, which publishes videos from football clubs for “loyal fans”, appeared video of the British team “Manchester City”. His hero was Hungarian Arato Andras, better known as “Harold hiding pain”: he came to Manchester to attend the match of his beloved team.

In Manchester there are two clubs – “United” and “City”, but “Harold” confessed his love to the latter because of the “beloved blue” (this is the color of the form of “City”). According to the meme man, he never went to soccer in Hungary, but he constantly watched it on TV. And his favorite player in the team is Sergio Aguero.

Also, András called Manchester a special city for himself, because he listens to Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Smiths.

In the video “Manchester City” there are several references to the memo. For example, in a Hungarian branded store, a T-shirt with a number like Aguero is made, but with the name “Harold” on the back. Also, the hero of the meme tried to play on the arcade machine and after the failure advised everyone to “hide the pain.”

Before the match between Chespion League and Basel, András met with British football fans, who started taking pictures with him. On all Selfie “Harold” did his trademark expression, as if hiding pain.

“Manchester City” lost to “Basel”, but still went further in the sum of the results of two matches. Andrash was pleased with his “football tour”.

In February 2018, Andrash starred in a video of the group Cloud 9+ for a song with the spoken name “Hide The Pain” (“Hide the Pain”).

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