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Fire in the Kemerovo shopping center: 37 dead, more than 30 missing

Shopping Center "Winter Cherry"
Shopping Center “Winter Cherry”

In the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo, rescuers found seven bodies of the dead, Interfax reported . These are three women, two men and two children. Last updated at 22:36 : rescuers managed to climb to the cinema, where they found eight more bodies right at the entrance, the source of Interfax reported. According to TASS, the dead 12.

Updated at 23:08 : According to the operational headquarters of firefighting, the number of deaths increased to 37.

The number of deaths continues to increase as rescuers extinguish the fourth floor of the shopping center, where the fire began. The first three floors of the dead were not found .

The location of 35 people, who were looking for relatives from the shopping center, was not installed, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported – they are still considered missing. At the time of this report, there were five dead. According to TASS from the operational headquarters of firefighting, at 22:15 Moscow time relatives could not find 69 people.

The agency explained that the rescuers did not manage to go to the left wing of the fourth floor of the shopping center for a long time, where there were cinemas – because of the fire there is a high temperature and there is a risk of collapse of the roof and walls. According to data at 21:15 Moscow time, the rescuers continued to extinguish the fire, it was located on an area of ​​1,200 square meters (out of 1,500), its further spread was stopped.

Initially, it was reported that the focus of the fire was the cinema hall, but later information from the Investigative Committee appeared that the fire began in the children’s room. There were trampolines and a pit filled with foam rubber, where children jump.

The vice-governor of the Kemerovo region, Vladimir Chernov, who arrived at the site of the fire, informed the relatives of the missing persons that the main version of the cause of the fire is a cigarette lighter, carried by one of the children. There is still no answer to the question, why alarm systems were not included, which should warn visitors in case of a fire.

The preliminary version – in this trampoline ignition started with foam rubber in the trampoline pool, which broke out like a gunpowder. […]

We have a lot of questions now, and we, and the investigation, which we draw to all the people who were here. Why did the “signal” not work? Why did not the notification system work?

Vladimir Chernov
First Vice-Governor of the Kemerovo Region

Local residents are discussing in VKontakte that in the school next to the shopping center “Winter Cherry” they broke the headquarters of the volunteers, where they collect information about the victims, the dead, the missing and their relatives. 32 people were injured, 30 were hospitalized.

On the third floor of the shopping center “Winter Cherry” was a contact zoo – it contained 200 animals of 25 species. The director of the zoo told that they all probably choked with smoke and died: “There was a strong smoke on the third floor, people were panicking on the side staircase. I just closed the door: saving someone, pulling out animals was just physically impossible. “

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