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Federal channels almost ignored the fire in the Kemerovo shopping center. About 40 people died there

Photo by Sergey Gavrilenko, Kommersant
Photo by Sergey Gavrilenko, Kommersant

At about 13:00 Moscow time on March 25, a fire broke out in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo , which resulted in the death of at least 37 people, including several children, and another 60 were missing. The main version of the cause of the fire is the lighter left. It is not known why the fire alarm did not work and how the doors of the cinemas and emergency exits were locked.

Only 11 hours later, on March 26, the Emergency Ministry reported that it had eliminated the main fire in the “Winter Cherry”, then the firemen will continue to extinguish the fires on the third floor.

Twitter users have paid attention that the federal channel did not tell viewers about a major fire in Kemerovo. The test showed that Channel One devoted one news story to the story for three minutes, “Russia 1” started the emergency broadcast only at night, and NTV covered the news witth news on the site.

The first channel – one story

The First Channel only once told about a fire in a shopping center in Kemerovo. In the program “Sunday time” at 21:00 showed a three-minute story , in which seven people were called, mentioned that there were schoolchildren in the cinema, and pointed out that in social networks relatives are looking for the missing. The presenter also noted that Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the victims and victims. On the site of the First Channel, you can find two more news about the situation in Kemerovo.

In the only news release of the First Channel, where Kemerovo was mentioned, the news was only in the fourth place. Before it, the audience was told about:

  • 56 million Russians who voted for Vladimir Putin in the election – a 19-minute story;
  • discussion of the poisoning of the Violins at the EU summit – 10-minute story;
  • why London accuses Russia of poisoning the Fiddles and who else of the Russians died in the UK – a 10-minute story.

“Russia 1” – one story and night special broadcast

On “Russia 1” only once told about a fire in a shopping center in Kemerovo. In the program “News of the Week” at 20:00 Moscow time Dmitry Kiselev devoted a three-minute story to it: five killed, 17 injured and 35 missing, noted the difficulty of extinguishing and noted that the president expressed his condolences.

What was shown on “Russia 1” instead of stories about Kemerovo on the day of the fire:

  • the film “Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession”;
  • contest of young talents “Blue Bird – The Last Bogatyr”;
  • Vladimir Solovyov’s film about Putin “The World Order-2018”;
  • “Sunday Evening” with Vladimir Solovyov: about the poisoning of Skripal and the confrontation between Russia and the European Union.

Already on March 26 at 00:20 Moscow time Vladimir Solovyov interrupted the discussion in the “Sunday Evening” and began an emergency live broadcast with a correspondent from Kemerovo.

A shot from the program “Sunday Evening” at 00:20 Moscow time

The journalist told about 37 dead, more than 40 missing persons and the beginning of the investigation of the Investigative Committee. The broadcast lasted 30 minutes and ended with the final word of Solovyov with condolences .

NTV – one story, dozens of news on the site

On NTV only once told about a fire in a shopping center in Kemerovo. In the program “Today” at 16:00 the presenter devoted a minute story to it: he mentioned four dead and 26 injured, and also problems with fire exits.

On the NTV website – completely the opposite situation: the topic of the fire in Kemerovo is devoted to the entire main page and three of the top five news per day.

Screenshot of NTV website at the time of writing a note

In the show ” Weekly Results ” with Irada Zeynalova at 19:00 Moscow time, a fire in a shopping center in Kemerovo was not told. Instead, the audience was shown stories about:

  • the number of those who voted for Putin in the elections and his “new course”;
  • the poisoning of the violin and the possible boycott of the 2018 World Cup;
  • flashmob #deletefacebook and Zuckerberg’s apologies for disclosing personal data of users;
  • Arrests of Nadezhda Savchenko in Kiev;
  • investigation against Nicolas Sarkozy;
  • an accident with a Uber drone in Arizona and “armed robots”.

“Russia 24” – six plots

Most of the stories were on the Rossiya 24 news channel, where a fire in Kemerovo was mentioned six times. At 14 and 14:40 the audience was immediately told about the fire in the shopping center, the first dead and injured children, and also showed the broadcast. At 16:00 on the channel the figure was named in 26 injured and four dead, at 6:00 pm already mentioned five dead and 30 people with burns. At 22:00 the channel brought condolences to the president and announced seven deaths, at 23:40 – already about 37 dead according to the Investigative Committee. In the rest of the time, “Russia 24”reported the number of victims with the help of a running line .

Already on March 26, at 1:14 Moscow time, on “Russia 24” began a live broadcast of a fire in the shopping center, which also showed fragments from the summary for the “Sunday Evening.”

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