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Zuckerberg bought advertising in a British newspaper to apologize for Facebook. She immediately mocked his apologies

Facebook posted ads on Sunday issues of several major British newspapers, including The Sunday Times and The Observer, in which, on behalf of Mark Zuckerberg, she apologized to users of the social network for her faithful trust. The appeal is placed on the last page in the minimal design, at the bottom – a small Facebook logo.

The text says that the company stopped giving away a large array of data to third-party applications (but some data still transmits) and is going to study them all to block those that too collected too much data about users. But Zuckerberg does not mention that data collected about Facebook users was used to manipulate the elections in the US.


Photo Turn The Sunday Times

Perhaps you’ve heard about the quiz application created by the university researcher, which allowed a leak of millions of Facebook users in 2014. This was a breach of trust, and I apologize for not doing more than that. Now we are taking steps to prevent this in the future.

We have already stopped collecting such applications with such a large amount of information. Now we limit the amount of information collected in the services where you are authorized with Facebook.

We also study each application that had access to a large amount of data before we corrected it. We expect that there are others. And when we find them, we will block them and tell everyone who was exposed.

And the last thing: we will remind you which applications you gave access to – so you can disable those that you no longer need.

Thank you for believing in this community. I promise that I will work better for you.

Mark Zuckerberg
founder and CEO of Facebook

The Observer is Sunday’s weekly The Guardian, whose investigation sparked a scandal around Cambridge Analytica. The newspaper published information received from a former employee of the organization, from which it followedt hat the collected data on 50 million Facebook users were used in 2016 to improve the tuning of the Trump advertising campaign in social networks.

The same morning of Sunday, March 25, in the Observer , a cartoon appearedunder the heading “Apologies – like – from Mark Zuckerberg” and the signature “Boss Facebook under the weight of the expositions of The Observer.” It paraphrases Zuckerberg’s apology: “I’m sorry that we had to stop ignoring data leaks that we pretended to be not our problem, because Facebook is a platform, not a publisher.”

Caricature of Chris Riedell

In the week since the release of the investigation, Facebook has lost more than $ 50 billion in company value due to a fall in the share price. Users massively boycotting social networks, in English-language editions there are instructions on how to completely leave Facebook.

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