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The new “Rubicon”? World of Tanks review after update 1.0

With the usual yardstick to the World of Tanks is not suitable. Because wherever the big guys headed by Victor Kislym settled, whatever citizenship they have now, but our game, the Belarusian one. And if it was customary to be proud of it a few years ago, today, with Wargaming, some unhealthy skepticism is heard more and more: the more a company becomes, the more hayters appear. So it turned out that everyone does not please, and the community of online games is toxic by default.

A bit of prehistory

Two and a half years ago, Wargaming had a “Rubicon” – the worst update in the World of Tanks for the number 10.0, which later decided to cancel and not to release. The company was preparing to launch a few months, planned a number of improvements, but as a result of the announcement of the update on YouTube viewers “zaminusili” in the trash and the scene had to go personally to Viktor Kislom, who apologized for the unjustified expectations of the “tankers”. Under the loud name “Rubicon” (after all, you all understand the meaning of the expression “go Rubicon”?), Developers and players saw a different product. And when the expectations of the players did not materialize, the reaction was understandable.

For many gamers, it was the Rubicon that became the farewell point for the game. However, for Wargaming, perhaps this in-game scandal was a motivating kick for changes before the version of World of Tanks 1.0.

It is noteworthy that on the eve of the release of the patch, we communicated with the popular in those years YouTube-blogger and quite constructive critic Wargaming Daniel “Murazor” Parashchin. He also said that the introduction of artillery was a game-design mistake, the changes are sluggish, the balance must be corrected, many developers do not play their game, and some people left development when the project became successful and started to bring huge money. Unfortunately, we made a mistake by asking Wargaming to comment and agreeing to provide them with a draft. After that, Daniel refused to publish, and after a while he was invited to the company for a permanent job and moved from cool Lviv to warm Cyprus.

His pen belongs to recycled artillery, which now not only deals damage, but also makes a target incapacitated for a good ten seconds. If before the guns were toxic, then after the changes they became super toxic. Since then, Murazor no longer communicates with its subscribers on YouTube and disappeared from radar in other social networks.

But this is all the lyrics, so that you roughly understand, at what stage I threw World of Tanks, why did I return to them in months and what did I see there.

Rubicon 2.0

World of Tanks 1.0 is the same “Rubicon” that waited two and a half years ago. The only problem is that the name has already been tarnished and the second time you do not use it. The game radically changed graphics and sound, were reworked in HD-quality maps, some received a rebalance of the terrain.

At the same time, the developers tried to optimize the new graphics engine as much as possible. By the machine, which three years ago could be called predtopupov (GTX 970 and i5-4690), the number of frames per second stably exceeds a hundred at the maximum settings for image quality. And even with streaming, this indicator falls quite insignificantly. Well, certainly holds above 60 frames per second. But there is an extremely annoying moment – regular friezes and suspensions, which can not be localized independently. Does this interfere with the game? Of course! Especially when you play on fast medium and light tanks. And it’s unclear why after so many days after the release of the update there is still no fix problem.

Judging by the reviews on the official game forum, I was lucky. There, “tankers” report about a significant fall in FPS, the flights of the client during the game, a long load before the fight. Of course, this is largely due to the old “iron”, but some problems still can not be explained.

Okay, this is the technical part. And it seems like it works well. Especially it would be desirable to note the efforts of developers in filling maps with various small details. Artists who do this, they know a lot about their work. Particularly touches a stream of meltwater, rushing into the mainstream of a larger river. Maps have become much more detailed, elaborate, saturated and realistic.

On the first time, getting on the updated maps, you even get a little lost: it seems as though her name is familiar, but only outwardly not to be recognized. Only in time, traveling around the points, you find a resemblance to what was postponed in the head for 10,000 battles: here is a familiar hillock, here a stone, only looks different, then an extension appeared in the form of a castle ruin.

This is a new “wrapper” for, in principle, old and well-known gameplay hideouts and pivot points. In general, you can get used quickly enough.

Nature and biodiversity on the maps are richer: there from under the snow sticking out a bundle of grass, here the birch embraces with a yellow maple tree, the sagging sunflower grows. Fences, by the way, like other hedges and destructible objects, quite accurately follow the laws of physics, let them destroy and do not always look natural.

The new engine made it possible to make what was left out of the game card more spacious and elaborate. Now you understand that you are not fighting in a conditional square over emptiness, but in a pen placed somewhere in the middle of a real landscape. This creates the illusion of space – it seems that the cards have become much larger and there is where to breathe.

Nevertheless, the external appeal of the map, you pay attention to the strength of the first two minutes. Then, at the first contact with the enemy, all attention is focused on the gameplay. Classic tank gameplay, seasoned with new musical and sound accompaniment. In the hangar you can really hang for a dozen minutes, listening to the sounds of the summer forest.

Pleasure and new effects. Infinitely you can watch how the tracks of the tank lay traces in the snow. No less pleasant and distorted picture, seen through the flame of your burning tank. It looks all technologically, in a new way and in a fashion. Now, criticize the graphics in the World of Tanks especially not for that.

As we already reported, Wargaming arranged a press tour for journalists, during which it showed all aspects of developing a fresh update. And all the busy people in this process just want to say a big thank you for the work done. It looks and sounds really cool, the guys have made the beauty. The only trouble is that the company with this update was late.

Map imbalance and “Calm”

Some cards have undergone gameplay changes. On the same “Erlenberg” virtual “tankers” constantly suffered from a dragging out for ten minutes of bodily: the opponents occupy their part of the map on either side of the river crossing it, and wait in the bushes of mistakes of opponents. The most plodding and patient patient usually won. Now on the “Erlenberg” compacted the building of the central city, smoothed the relief on the outskirts of the castle. It’s difficult to say how this will affect the number of draws, but so far the changes are positive: the players simply do not understand where they got, and the first few fights go on the map in search of new nychkas and lumbago.

The new “Shtil” card reminds players that Wargaming is not only about tanks, but also about ships whose skeletons adorn the frozen coast. The location looks frosty and epic. True, the sunlight in it sometimes play with you a cruel joke, and sometimes it is not clear where the ice ends and the hole begins. So in front of my eyes I drowned the IP, to which I could not stretch the barrel of help.

Something more about the map is difficult to say. Too often she finds herself in a random house. It can only be noted that the center of the map looks unplayable due to two sleeves for the tanks along the edges and lumbago.

How is it played in the new “tanks”?

The same as in the old. In terms of gameplay the game has not undergone any changes. It is still designed for a cheerful tank “stallov” behind the shelters in fear of showing the nose outwards because of the arta. Still, the game uses a mod that highlights the most dangerous targets in order to make it easier for the artillery team to focus their efforts on one of them.

In addition, recycled artillery now not only deals damage, but also concusses the crews of vehicles in a certain radius. For about 10 seconds your tank turns into a sluggish wretched thing. So if you’ve been out in the game for two years or more, keep in mind.

A year ago, Wargaming started reworking and improving its balancer. Many “tankers” were dissatisfied with the fact that even banal equality in the types of equipment in battles did not exist. Often cast in battle on exclusively urban maps, when the opponents had a clear advantage in several heavy tanks. Now the balancer very (very, very) rarely throws in the top, because he builds teams on a system close to 3-5-7 (three tanks of the highest level, five smaller, seven absolutely puppies). And most often this is the top of 15 tanks of the same level. About any humiliation of small speech does not go, where most often it is necessary to be this kid. It is understandable – the number of seats in the top is limited.

The pumping of individual machines still leads to moral suffering. The same Tiger II in the current tank meteor is no more than a whipping boy, who is all raped because of his slowness and cardboard. Somehow you can play only in the top, which is extremely rare. In the majority it is necessary to act out the role of a nobleman who can not even raise his fists to protect his face from blows. Thinking about pumping without a premium account is completely silly.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. How many years have there been talk about a “light bulb” for everyone gifted and reviving the skills of the crew? See you in two years, when will update 2.0 with these innovations.

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