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Why the Mayans did not like dogs

Archaeologists have found in Guatemala the remains of ancient dogs, which were a symbol of the tremendous success of their owners during the pre-classical period of the Mayan civilization, reports Animals1 . That is, they received the first evidence that two and a half thousand years ago, the Indians not only bred these animals, but also successfully traded them. And according to the hypotheses of historians, only rich people could afford a dog. It was not so much performing security functions, how many played the role of expensive and prestigious “toys.”

Found bones allow you to roughly recreate the appearance of those toy dogs. First, they had very short legs. Yes, and the size of the head was smaller in relation to the body than in modern breeds. And by “size” they can be compared with modern chihuahua.

Researchers believe that the rich representatives of the Maya people could not only boast about themselves like them, but sometimes sacrifice them. Including, and with people. In addition, the meat of dogs could be used for food. Therefore, most of them did not live to be a year old.

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