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Trump signed a ban on transgender service in the US Army

President of the United States Donald Trump signed an order restricting the service in the American army of soldiers who replaced the sex. Those transgender soldiers who began serving in the US Army since the lifting of the ban on such services by the Obama administration – according to RAND Corporation estimates, there were between 2 and 11 thousand people for 2016 – they will be able to continue serving, but, possibly, according to their biological gender, received at birth.

Remain in the army and those who have not performed sex-change surgery and do not require it. The new order was recommended by US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and is essentially a repeal of Obama’s order passed in 2016.

The authors of the order emphasize that the service of transgender people in the army requires significant expenses for their medical care, and in Mattis’s opinion, it also “can undermine the readiness, disrupt the unity of units and impose an unreasonable burden on the military, which does not contribute to military efficiency and the level of lethality.” According to RAND Corporation, the cost of trans-soldiers is 0.09% of total health care costs.

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