Things, the purpose of which is not easy to guess (13 photos)

When we meet some things, we sometimes have to wonder what they are for. Basically it concerns some ancient objects or special purpose devices. With some of these things, you and I will be introduced to this post.

Once it was a drinking fountain in one of the cities of Sweden.

A special veil, unfolding in the fire and limiting the spread of smoke and fire.

Moon glass, created by the old method, when the glass was made of spherical shapes. The balls were untwisted until they became flat, and in the center of the glass such seals remained.

The main purpose of these scissors is to cut the wicks on candles.

A small scaffold for the fingers, which allows people who have suffered a stroke to restore fine motor skills.

The device that turns a wheelchair into a sort of motorcycle.

Strange shells without cranes can be found in bars in Germany. They are designed for visitors who have overdone with alcohol.

Homemade gates on the rivers for kayaking lovers (rafting on the river).

A cup for several people, each person can drink from a separate spout.

Scales for eggs. Eggs that were heavier than the weight of the scales were worth more than the others.

This plate allows you to divide the cake or pie into equal parts by the number of guests.

Porron is a traditional vessel for wine in Spain.

Toilet paper holder with built-in radio. Such devices were popular in the 70s.

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