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Photo: Time Cover with Putin in the Crown

“The Rising King”

Time published an image of the cover from which the April issue of the magazine will be published in the European, Asian and Southern Pacific regions – on which Putin in the crown is adjusting his tie. Two articles were also submitted to her – the former editor-in-chief of Rain, Mikhail Zygar (“As Vladimir Putin plans to stay on top”) and Ian Bremmer (“Why Russia continues to sink”).

The column of Zygary came out on March 19: in it he claims that Putin has no desire to leave the president’s chair in 2024 (despite the restrictions imposed by the constitution), and within a new term he is going to not only end the conflict in the Donbass and solve other problems to look like a peacemaker, but also come up with how to stay in power and on.


In the US version of the magazine will receive a different cover with the inscription “Pretty.” This is a new generation of young Americans who are going to somehow solve the problem of shooting in schools, while adults can not do anything about it.

Time called Putin Tsar in 2007 in an article entitled “The Birth of the Tsar.” It was followed by Putin’s most famous photograph later , sitting on a chair and looking down at the viewer.

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