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Photo: Hairy tower in Yekaterinburg

Photo by Alexander Fast

On the morning of March 24 in Yekaterinburg, the unfinished 231-meter television tower was demolished with the help of an explosion. Initially, it was assumed that after the first blast at a level of about 30 meters there will be a second at the bottom, wrote , but this did not happen.

After the destruction of the upper part, the lower part survived. Her and the rest of the wreckage will be removed within two weeks: according to the publication, at this time the inspection of the International Bureau of Exhibitions will come to the city to check the readiness of the city for the Expo-2025 exhibition.

“Stub”, as it is called in the city, is about 30 meters in height: from it in different directions sticks out the armature, which from afar resembles hair.

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