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Wargaming dismissed employees who reported on their arrival in the office of Harold hiding pain

Removed images of Wargaming employees
Removed images of Wargaming employees

On March 16, the publication drew attention to the fact that in the Instagram profiles of several Wargaming employees there were photos with the Hungarian Arato Andrashem, better known as Harold hiding pain. According to the geolocation of the photographs, the journalists found out that the hero of the meme visited the Belarusian office of the company that created the World of Tanks.

A few hours after the publication, the photos were deleted. On March 20, Wargaming dismissed the authors of the photographs for violating corporate secrets. One of them was the fitness trainer of the company Alexander Khvashchevsky, who stated that the message about the privacy of Harold’s visit came only in the evening, when information about the photo had already appeared in the media.

Of course, I understand why the company did this, but it’s still unpleasant. […]

For my part, it was stupid, but dismissing because of photography – it also looks pretty silly.

Alexander Khvashchevsky
former fitness coach Wargaming

Khvashchevsky added that he did not sign documents with the company prohibiting disclosure of corporate information. As he said, one more dismissed employee became the designer of interactive media.

Representatives of Wargaming confirmed the dismissal of two people because of the disclosure of the visit of the person-meme and stressed that they were guided by “the protection of the interests of the whole team”, which is working on the project.

The situation with dismissal is unpleasant for the company, since it is not related to professional skills and performance results, but to violation of corporate rules and ethics.

As in any large company, Wargaming has rules that limit the disclosure of information by employees, including in social media.

Ivan Kuznetsov
Director of Public Relations, Wargaming

“Harold” could come to the Belarusian office of Wargaming to participate in the promotion of her games. In November 2016, Wargaming made actor Steven Seagal a consultant to the game World of Warships about battles on ships. At the same time, Dolph Lundgren helped to promote the company’s products.

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