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The video was the first to record the pairing of deep-sea sea devils

Sea devils from the squad of fish-anglers are reclusive. They drift to themselves at a depth of hundreds of meters under the pressure of a huge mass of water, they do not blow at us and draw victims with their bioluminescent threads. Scientists for a long time could not find males of the sea devils. Have not yet learned the terrible methodology of their mating. Science Magazine published the first video of this process.

A huge head, deadly empty eyes, fang-like teeth and a luminous “fishing rod.” These signs are characteristic of females of the sea devils. Males are much smaller and more terrible than these creatures. A video of a dwarf male can be seen attached to the underbelly of a female. The couple has merged together into what scientists call sexual parasitism. The male receives protection and useful elements from the circulatory system of the female. Then she gets the seed for reproduction.

Scientists have never seen the process of mating these fish in wild conditions. Earlier they only found females with dead males attached to them. But finally got the first video from a depth of almost 800 meters thanks to a deep water bathscaphe.

And yes, the threads coming from the fish are a kind of cat’s whiskers and cobwebs. They warn the sea predator of eating nearby, which she can catch with a sharp jerk.

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