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Scientists have created a water evaporator from the air of the desert

Water can be extracted from the air even in the driest climate. This was proven by a device developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley. The first scientific article on the device appeared last year, and now it is being tested in Arizona, writes Engadget.

There are several ways to extract water from the air. But there are a number of limitations. Humidity must be at least 50%, a fairly large amount of energy is required. The current development does not require a power source and can operate at a humidity of 10%.

The core of the device is a material from metal-organic frame structures. It consists of coupled molecules that create a superporous material with a large surface area. It is very hydrophilic, it collects water at night, and evaporates it in daylight. Harvest is collected by a special condenser.

In the arid climate of Arizona, the system shows itself viable. The device generates about a quarter of a liter of water per kilogram of material. No impurities were found in the water.

Researchers are going to scale the system to produce liters of water per day cycle.

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