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Musk removed the pages of SpaceX and Tesla on Facebook after he was asked about it on Twitter

Elon Musk removed pages of SpaceX and Tesla on Facebook within the framework of boycott #DeleteFacebook . To this entrepreneur pushed the Twitter users, who urged him to speak out against the social network.

Musk asked the co-founder of WhatsApp what’s wrong with Facebook, and why he calls to remove it. He was told that the social network was irresponsible about personal data, and asked the entrepreneur to join the boycott.

At the same time, the businessman was reminded that once SpaceX launched a rocket with a Facebook satellite that exploded at the start.

And Musk fulfilled the promise: in a few minutes the official pages of SpaceXand Tesla disappeared from Facebook.

But Twitter users did not stop and called the Musk to delete and the page in Instagram (social network belongs to Facebook). But he has not done this yet.

On March 19, it became known that Cambridge Analytics, bypassing Facebook’s rules, used the data of millions of users, including for political purposes. Mark Zuckerberg admitted the mistake and apologized to the audience. In response, users launched a boycott of #DeleteFacebook , which even co-founder WhatsApp called for (the messenger belongs to Facebook).

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