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It did not turn out to be disappointed: the opinion of “The First Player to Be Prepared” by Steven Spielberg

According to the plot of the film, in 2045 most of humanity spends its days in OASIS – a huge virtual universe. Her creator bequeathed her entire state and control over her child to the winner of a three-stage quest, launched to find a worthy heir.

Fans of the “Holy Grail of pop culture”, the book “The first player to prepare” Klein in advance treated to the screen version is so pessimistic that the authors showed the picture as early as March 9 at the SXSW film festival – and allowed viewers to write about it at once. Similarly, the organizers of the press show, which I went to.

The author of the novel actively participated in writing the script. So much so that at the premiere while watching the film the second screenwriter, Zach Penn, was very surprised at the reference to his work, inserted without his knowledge by Klein. And in general there are a lot of Easter eggs in the film – but the characters are not looking for the keys hidden somewhere in the vast world, but rather they pass complicated quests.

Those who read the book remember the chapter with the game in the “War Games”. In Spielberg’s picture, attentive viewers will only notice a very beautiful reference to the episode from the end of the “War Games”, and the epic heroes are funny in the “Shining” Kubrick (the best horror movie to watch with a girl!) – and they can not win back characters. The screenwriters reworked the book ideas into an understandable not only giakam film, the audience applauded and laughed regardless of the knowledge in the pop culture of the eighties.

Spectators notice the fundamental differences between the film and the book from the very first shots of Holliday’s will. Both works raise serious questions, but if the book really talks about global problems of ecology, overpopulation, lack of resources, the picture pays much less attention to them: only the casual history of the world is not so casually mentioned (in comparison with the book), but almost everything The rest is connected with the conditional corporations of evil (I still did not understand whether there was a network neutrality in one of the scenes, and in another – censorship and freedom of access to knowledge). Given the limited timing, this is not surprising.

In terms of hidden references, the film is not exactly inferior to the book. I caught myself on the fact that I did not follow the dialogue, but I looked at the details on the background. It will be released on streaming services – it will be possible to analyze the whole picture by frame and find something in every moment

The film is not like a book – you have to put up with it. Heroes in the hunt for the Easter egg Holliday do not limit finances; Almanac is not a book with references and thoughts of the creator of the Oasis, but a huge library with a record of his life; Ludus is mentioned only casually, the plot line of the real world is absolutely changed. Other and background characters. Some of them, like Og, play a completely unexpected (until the very end of the unexpected) role. The book character “Ya-bokh” appears in the film as a caricature six of the main villain with (maybe due to the difficulties of translation) by the nickname “I’m cool”. Samantha Cook in the painting Spielberg, in contrast to the book Art3mida, is absolutely understandable, together with all their desires and aspirations. And Wade, on the contrary, raises questions. For example, in the book he lives with his aunt only because it’s cold on the street, and she needs food stamps, while in the film the aunt is not at all like Petunia from “Harry Potter”, and the viewer is going through with her along with the main character. Wade does not escape to the Oasis from the horrors of the real world: rather, the world created by James Holliday for him is more real than the present. And in reality, he really has nowhere to go – except in the Oasis.

From the eighth minute, a little bit of shooting graphics; cautiously, there are spoilers that you can overlook in trailers

For spectators, as for Wade Watts, Spielberg’s virtuality is absolutely realistic – and at the same time much more colorful, brighter than the world of some “Valerian” Luc Besson. Actors play well, and their facial expressions are transmitted so precisely that on the big screen you can see the difference between the sensations and even between the self-esteem of their heroes in the two worlds.

In the “First player to prepare” special effects are really absolutely new level. I have not admired the action scenes for a long time, but this film falls in love with itself first – the race. Spielberg excels himself in the art of camera movement. And the film is liked by all spectators, regardless of the skepticism of their mood. Jokes and references are understandable to everyone, but their depth (and often grotesqueness) admires the geeks and the prepared spectators.

I expected that I would be disappointed in the film: I saw trailers that did not correspond very much with the plot of the book, I did not think that it was possible to remove this well. But it did not work. I did not wait for it in vain, and I’ll see it in the cinema at least twice in Russian and one in English. I’m sure, in about twenty years “The first player to get ready” will be classics. He will go to all fans of science fiction, to all connoisseurs of Spielberg, geeks of all ages and simply to all who are ready to admire the pop culture.

Instead of screening Kline’s book, Spielberg shot the movie based on her motives – and it’s worth going to.

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