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In Seoul, office workers will be forced to shut down computers on Friday evening

The City Hall of Seoul has proposed a new measure to combat the epidemic of workaholism that has overwhelmed South Korea in recent decades. Now employees of Seoul offices on Fridays will be forced to shut down computers.

The initiative will be launched on March 30 and divided into three stages. At first the time, which will be turned off in computers, will be set at 20:00 hours, then at 19:30, and even later – at 19:00 clock.

Seoul City Hall stressed that the experiment will extend to all workers, except for “special cases”. At the same time, 67% of municipal employees stated that they asked not to include them in the testing program.

Previously, the Korean authorities limited the working week to 40 regular and 12 overtime hours (8-10 hours a day with a five-day schedule). Before that, Koreans worked an average of 400 hours per year more than other “hardworking” nations like the English or the Australians.

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