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End of the “Star of Mankind”: the satellite descended from orbit a few months ahead of schedule

Photos of Rocket Lab

In January 2018, a private space company from New Zealand, Rocket Lab, putinto orbit its own satellite called “The Star of Mankind.” The developers admitted that it was more an art object than a research equipment: the device became “the brightest point in the night sky” and “a signal for the study of outer space.”

According to the idea, “The Star of Humanity” was supposed to stay in orbit for nine months. But on March 23, the Rocket Lab team announced that the satellite was burnt in the atmosphere when returning to Earth. Chapter startup Peter Beck (Peter Beck) explained the early completion of the mission of an unusual triangular shape and a small mass of the object – because of this, he had “more difficult” than standard satellites.

Immediately after putting the “Star of Mankind” into orbit, astronomers criticized: according to them, “space disco ball” interfered with research and was “useless garbage in the sky.” The satellite quickly moved in orbit, so when observing through the telescope, it left a bright band overlapping the stars.

“A positive moment: I was happy when disco died the first time. Now we see it again! Turn on [rapper’s 50 Cent track] Disco Inferno to celebrate ”
Despite the criticism, Beck appreciated the project positively. “The main goal was that people would look more often at the sky,” he added.

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