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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s compared by technology with robots from the “Pacific border”

The network has a rather funny video, which can be called the film-crossover Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s and the second “Pacific boundary”. At first, nothing points to the smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer, on the screen unfolds turbulent events from the fiction started at the box office.

Gradually the degree of what is happening is heating up, behind the scenes, the voice sounds with a genuine tear, telling about the world burning in the flames of war and a new hero who did not give up. He did everything possible to develop further, to take steps in the future without fear of consequences.

The words are becoming more and more abstract from what is happening on the screen, but they do not contradict the personnel from the “Pacific Frontier”. “A new era is coming!” – almost screams an unnamed hero, without stopping, overtakes suspense, and … Then a strange man in a suit stops him and says: “Enough. Welcome to the Mi Mix development team. “

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