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Who does this guy work with? (9 pictures)

Who do you think this guy works with, whose body is completely covered with colored tattoos? Immediately give you a little clue, if you think that he is a tattoo master, then you are mistaken.Meet this Sylvian from France, which, according to the newspaper Konbini, works as a primary school teacher. Previously, the guy lived and worked in the UK. Here he made his first tattoos and faced with the fact that people are negative about such things. With the move to France, the situation has changed for the better, and Sylvian himself also started the career of the model. He started a page in the Instagram and even more people learned about it. He was invited to shoot in photosessions, invited to various exhibitions and even offered small roles in the cinema. Despite the glory, the guy is not going to quit his job at school. 

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