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“Weather simulator” with a hurricane, a snowstorm and a tornado: the child prepared a weather forecast for the kindergarten

The pupil of the kindergarten of Nashville (Tennessee, USA), Carden Corts (Carden Corts) fulfilled his creative task and starred in the weather forecast for the educational institution.

It is reported that during the last month the whole class of kindergarten studied the weather and ways to predict it. After that, each child was given the task of being a meteorologist during the day. The students were asked to make a video at home and at school, and prepare a weather forecast.

Corts asked his father, who works in video production, to help him with the installation of the video. As a result, it turned into a “weather simulator”: a child with difficulty pronouncing the word “meteorologist”, presses the button and accidentally “hits” a hurricane, a snowstorm and a tornado, and then “teleports” in front of his kindergarten.

And the “sponsor” of the issue is Pokémon cards!

A large television network from Colorado WeatherNation has already askedCorts to record another release of the weather forecast.

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