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The teenager was promised that Chebakka would inform him about the heart found for the transplant. And he came

“Months ago, when Austin was listed on a heart transplant, Dr. Thrush said that when the heart appears, he will tell him about it in a Chewbacca suit. On Saturday, Chewbacca came to the Austin Chamber “

Austin Eggleston, a 15-year-old teenager with three congenital heart defects, foundout that he had found a heart for a transplant, from Chewbacca. The role of the hero from the “Star Wars” was the cardiologist of the children’s hospital Lurie in Chicago, Philip Thrush (Philip Thrush).

Eggleston was in the hospital since November 2017. When Trash in Chewbacca’s suit came into his room, the boy jumped for joy and started shouting: “Do we have a heart? Seriously, do we have a heart? ».

Parents of the teenager told reporters that the transplantation operation was successful and the boy is on the mend. They also thanked the donor family, who had to “take a bold decision at the moment of sorrow.”

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