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The number of computers infected with cryptomayers increased by 8500%

For the last quarter of 2017, the number of computers infected with scripts for the production of crypto-currency on user machines, increased by 8500%, according to the report of Symantec. Specialists attribute this to the growth of the virtual money rate. It is noted that it is quite easy to become a “hacker” and to establish the production of crypto-currency, since the threshold of entry into the “industry” is low and does not require special knowledge in programming.

Victims, as a rule, do not notice the presence of a cryptomayer on their computer, associating a decrease in performance with something else, but not with the so-called cryptographic. It is noted that scripts work all “smarter”, so it is more difficult to record their activity.

Typically, the miners are installed on computers, but mobile devices become the target of the attackers more and more often, explain in Symantec. More than 600% increased the number of IoT-devices infected with miners. Under the impact, contrary to myths, not only Windows-computers fall, but also work under the control of all other operating systems, including mobile ones.

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