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The Loch Nest lizards were found on an American beach

The marine animal, whose appearance is very similar to the famous “monster” from Lake Loch Ness, was found on the shore in the US state of Georgia, reports Animals1. True, in size it is much more modest than Scottish – no more than two meters in length. He has a long neck, a small head, two lateral fins and a long tail.

Mini Nessy found Jeff Warren, who went on a boat trip with his son in the area of ​​Wolf Island.

Much to our regret, the mysterious inhabitant of ocean depths has appeared dead. Perhaps he fell victim to the attack of sharks. Although the exact reason for the death of this “snake” is unlikely to anyone now be able to establish.

Scientists begin to get lost in conjecture when they try to understand: what kind of animal is this? For example, the head of the US Agency for Wildlife and Fish Resources, Dan Ash, believes that the decomposition of the body of some sharks “resemble plesiosaurs.”

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