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The British Council canceled all planned programs in Russia because of the decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry

The British Council officially announced that it is stopping its activities on the territory of Russia. The organization did this according to the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which responded to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Great Britain.

The management of the council stressed that it had canceled all planned activities and programs in Russia.

We deeply regret this and thank you for your understanding.

The British Council is an international organization, which represents the UK in the field of culture and education. We establish friendly dialogue and mutual understanding between the people of Great Britain and other countries.

British Council

Despite the termination of the British Council, there will be an opportunity in Russia to pass the IELTS English test. The council was only one of several examination centers.

Since BKC-International House [a partner of the British Council for the creation of the Center for the International Examination – approx.  is the official delivery center for IELTS in Russia, we expect that their activities will continue as usual.

representative of the British Council
quote on TASS

On March 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry, in response to the deportation of 23 Russian diplomats from Great Britain, announced the expulsion of a similar number of British diplomats from Russia. Other measures were the termination of the British Council and the closure of the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

In Russia, the British Council conducted educational programs such as English language courses, the publication of manuals for teachers and the development of standards of education. The organization worked in the field of culture, conducting lectures, festivals, exhibitions and discussions.

talked with those who used the capabilities of the British Council and participated in its programs in Russia. All interlocutors opposed the closure of the organization.

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