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The Boring Company elon Musk after the caps begins to sell flamethrowers

Company elon Musk Boring Company, tunneling, plans to sell flamethrowers. The businessman said this in December last year, but everyone decided that he was joking. Confirmation of the seriousness of such plans was discovered by users of Reddit.

They noticed that on the page “” a field for entering the password appeared, and one of the users manually picked it. After entering the “flame”, the company’s store page was opened, dedicated to the flamethrower from the Boring Company.

Apparently, the flamethrower from Elon Musk will cost $ 600, it is a modified rifle Airsoft CSI STAR XR-5 Airsoft Rifle and will be available in April 2018.

Shortly before the discovery Reddit users musician and writer Dee Hey Walla (DA Wallach) published in Instagram video working flamethrower, but soon removed it.

A still from the video of Di Ullah

For the sale of flamethrowers under American law, the Musk will not need to obtain licenses from special services or regulators, check customer documents, create offline stores and pay increased taxes. Flamethrowers are not considered firearms and are not regulated in any way by US law. The only condition for the purchase of this weapon is the achievement of 18 years.

The fact that Boring Company will sell flamethrowers, elon Musk wrote on Twitter on December 11, 2017. He noted that this will happen immediately after the company sells 50,000 branded caps.

Later Musk added that it was a bit out of the spirit of the company, but “children like that”. Because of this phrase to the statement of the entrepreneur treated like a joke, but on the eve of Christmas, he recalled his idea.

“Caps sold, soon will be flamers!”

November 22, it became known that the company Musk earned 300 thousand dollars on the sale of branded caps with the logo of the Boring Company. The entrepreneur called it “Initial Hat Offering” and promised that the proceeds would go to “more boring things.”

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