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On the western YouTube a new trend – bloggers find out the relationship in the boxing ring

KSI against Joe Weller. @jackupson photo

In early February, popular YouTube bloggers from the UK KSI and Joe Weller (Joe Weller) staged a boxing match. KSI won, which he did not pull and caused another blogger with a millionth audience – Logan Paul – to fight next.

how boxing fights become the new trend of the western YouTube, which will probably soon reach Russia.

Boxing by YouTube rules

KSI (real name Jay) picked up subscribers thanks to a humorous video about video games and Challenges . But the main popularity came to him when he began to produce music videos and joint tracks with famous rappers. Joe Weller also produced music videos, but not so serious, as well as commercials about football .

The conflict between JJ and Weller began in the summer of 2017 due to the fact that the first one left the blog team Sidemen, where both started their careers on YouTube. KSI was suspected of using the conflict for the sake of additional PR, and after a series of mutual insults, the bloggers agreed on a boxing match.

As in classical boxing, opponents began to warm up interest in the fight strongly in advance. But they did it as it should be to bloggers: they released videos with insults and wrote down rap-phrases. KSI made a clip in which he went by Weller and at the same time mentioned Sidemen.

His opponent shot a video with the preparation for the battle, but not too serious: in it he swims with fish and makes new tattoos.

Also, the bloggers held several press conferences for journalists and fans, where there were also pins, skirmishes and open conflicts. One JJ and Weller began to jostle , but they were quickly separated by the guards. And at the game conference Upload 2017 still managed to make a fight, when on the stage to KSI came Weller and began to provoke him.

The battle took place on February 3 at the Copper Box Arena in London with 8,000 spectators. KSI led the fight more confidently and approached closer to Weller, who for the first minutes hesitated and did not strike accurate blows. In the first round, Weller was smashed by the lip, and already in the third JJ inflicted several accurate punches to his head and the referee stopped the fight. JJ received a special gold belt and started celebrating with the fans right in the ring.

After the battle, opponents exchanged compliments – KSI praised his opponent for courage, and Weller admitted a fair loss after a 30-minute fight. And then they acted like real bloggers: JJ took off the reaction to how he was watching his own fight, and Weller released a one-hour documentary about what was going on before the fight.

As calculated by the Daily Mail, in total, 1.6 million people watched bloggers battle more than the Wimbledon Cup and the FA Cup finals. On piracy live broadcasts, there were at least 10 million more people.

The next fight with bloggers will not have to wait long

After the victory over Weller, KSI took the microphone from the referee and summoned the former football player Rio Ferdinand, who is now engaged in boxing, but did not react. The blogger also challenged the brothers Jake and Logan Paul and invited them to “come and take this belt.”

Frame from KSI video

In late February, after several videos from other YouTube scammers with predictions of the fight, Logan Paul agreed to a boxing match. He at the same time offered a fight between their fathers and their brothers to add drama. “This is the US against the UK, it’s a matter of diplomacy,” the blogger said.

Between KSI and Paul there is no long conflict, so immediately after the appointment of the fight, they began to throw accusations. As The Independent wrote , the parties had conflicts because of disagreements over the contract and the sharing of money. But already on March 17, management KSI published a contract with Paul: the battle will be held on August 25, 2018 at the Manchester Arena, which accommodates up to 23 thousand spectators.

Before the fight, more than five months, but the bloggers are already dedicated to each other videos and even met for the first time – in training in the hall of Floyd Mayweather. Exchanged podkolkami, discussed the terms of the contract and several times joked about each other’s relatives.

So far, KSI and Paul are busy with training and preparation for the fight. If JJ approaches the question seriously, trains with Floyd Mayweather senior, then Logan just fools around.

Although Jake Paul and brother of KSI did not agree to fight between each other, this is probably only the beginning of the trend among the YouTube players for boxing matches. KSI has already sketched out the sample posters for the next matches with the popular YouTube.

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